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Virginia Sickle Cell Network

We are a community of individuals with sickle cell disease, caregivers, healthcare workers, educators, employers, and human services providers who promote sustainable whole-person health for individuals and families of those diagnosed with SCD. Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and families of those affected by sickle cell through advocacy, awareness, education and support.

As a mother of two amazing daughters diagnosed with sickle cell disease (SCD) at birth, our journey on the  management all of its complexities is the fuel behind my advocacy. The awareness of healthcare disparities, gaps in care, and patient stigmatization is what ignites our organization’s dedication for change in Virginia, daily.

Khristina Reid - Executive Director
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Our mission at Champion school is to develop the unique abilities and potential of each child by offering an enriched educational program. We strive for excellence through a hands-on approach. Rich traditions rooted in our innovative curriculum grow productive, caring, and intellectually curious citizens.
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