Virginia Sickle Cell Network

Treasuring Those Living With Sickle Cell Until It’s Cured!

Who We Are

The Virginia Sickle Cell Network is a community of individuals with sickle cell disease (SCD), caregivers, healthcare workers, educators, employers, and human services providers who promote sustainable whole-person health for individuals and families of those diagnosed with SCD. Our mission is to enhance the lives of individuals and families of those affected by sickle cell through advocacy, awareness, education and support.

Our Programs

The Virginia Sickle Cell Network’s programs are designed to ensure that individuals with SCD receive comprehensive, patient-centered, coordinated, accessible, safe and high-quality care. Through awareness, education and engagement, our programs are committed to cultivating a future of compassionate SCD stakeholders for optimal health outcomes for those affected by sickle cell in the state of Virginia.

“The essence of global health equity is the idea that something so precious as health might be viewed as a right.” 

Paul Farmer

What We Do

Virginia Sickle Cell Network currently offers the following Programs, Services and Initiatives to support those affected by sickle cell and their families; as well as create SCD awareness for the general public. 

Sickle Cell Disease Navigation

Supporting SCD Warriors from birth through adulthood.

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Become A Sickle Cell Hero

Cultivating a knowledgeable and compassionate future for the care management of those affected by SCD.

Support Group Connections

A safe space to connect, share and learn from others who are also affected by Sickle Cell Disease.

Two Tarrer Girls CARE

Sisters, and patient advocates raise awareness about SCD and host a variety of giveaways for other young Sickle Cell Warriors throughout the year.

Hospital Treasure Trunks

Providing necessary resources for children, adult patients and caregivers who are hospitalized with Sickle Cell related complications.

Current and Future Initiatives

Virginia Sickle Cell Network runs multiple campaigns and initiatives throughout the year. Learn more about our current initiatives and get involved.

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Healthcare Professionals


Human Services Providers

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